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Our property


Staying in our house means being in the centre of Sinhalese life. You have direct contact to village life – as much as you allow and want. Sinhalese people are very easy to get into contact with and are open to foreigners. However, they are sensitive enough to recognize when people want to be left in peace.

This is our house

Situated on our property are two houses: my parents’ house and my house.

From this point of view, there are guest accommodations on the left and right wings of the house. If you do not opt for the beach, which is reached about 150m along the village road, you can enjoy the sun in our beautiful garden.


Unser Haus

An alternative view.

Although this wasn’t planned, in the course of time, our terrace has become the meeting point for our guests. Here, you can enjoy a meal together, have a party or spend time together.


Now and then, you can gather here to listen to old folk songs amongst a nice group of people. :-))

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Here, you have a view into the garden from the first floor.

In the background you can see the drive way onto our property.